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 Working as a team Safety Compliance Plus and our clients had an outstanding year in 2021

Safety Compliance Plus has developed a paperless compliance system. You will no longer need to store or maintain your hardcopy files, as we will store them electronically for you in our state-of-the-art CSA compliant electronic system. You can access your secure data anytime, by logging in with your personal ID and Password. Let Safety Compliance Plus make your job easier by eliminating the stress of CSA regulations and you will be one step ahead. With our highly efficient tool, it allows us to help your company run without fees and/or penalties. Always be CSA and DOT compliant. We will review, organize, and maintain your driver's, full compliant package, and monitor your driver logs to ensure your company is compliant. Safety Compliance Plus provides world-class services to get you started in the right direction, a penalty free company.
The cost of a safety manager could be as much as $50,000.00 or more per year. If you need a safety manager, utilize him in areas to best enhance your company needs, let Safety Compliance Plus do the FMCSA compliance! Our system will automatically send email alerts to your point of contact, when expirations are coming due for driver licenses and medical cards. Safety Compliance Plus will maintain your files and provide you with outstanding customer service. When DOT comes knocking...will you be ready? When you utilize our services, your perfectly maintained files will be ready for your access and DOT review within minutes. Safety Compliance Plus will provide paper files, if required by DOT, for a small additional fee.


Safety Compliance listen to your needs.Our research and experience has shown that most driver files are incomplete and are frequently incorrect. Safety Compliance Plus utilizes approved file formats in organizing your transportation files to meet CSA requirements. When you partner with us you will be sure that all your files are current and complete and most of all, compliant. You've worked hard to make your company what it is today. Let the professionals at Safety Compliance Plus work with you in meeting your company goals.

With Safety Compliance Plus, you can rest assure that we are watching over your company. So you have time to do what you love best. Either it be driving or on vacation. You can visit our website and login and view your files, from anywhere and anytime.

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