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Driver Qualifcation Files



Safety Compliance Plus will audit your pre-existing driver qualification files to determine the current status; we will complete what is required by DOT standards, when completed we will file your New Driver qualification files into our state of the art system. We can work directly with all your Drivers to ensure that all required forms are completed. We will complete all Safety Preformance History, Substance Abuse Drug & Alcohol, Accident and Employment verification in writing for the prior three (3) years; and set email alerts for driver license, driver medical card and TWIC Cards expirations. Safety Compliance Plus will automatically pull driver’s MVR annually and do the required DOT Accident Register maintenance and reporting monthly. Safety Compliance Plus will file your driver and vehicle roadside inspection and violation monitoring, and corrective actions into our electronic secured system.

New Hire Services-As an owner  you understand how hard it is to manage your company plus handle all the paperwork. Let Safety Compliance Plus contact your new driver.  Once you give them a road test,  just have them call us directly and we will begin the process. SCP will get the application and the required  documents  ready for the driver.  Safety Compliance Plus will pull the MVR on the new hire, complete the background checks,  pull the PSP reports, and prepare the files for you. Once the paperwork is completed, we will send your driver in for a pre-employment drug test. We will notify you when the driver is completed and ready to drive.

Commercial trucking companies must complete drug screens, past employment checks and motor vehicle reports on each person they hire as a driver.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations requires companies to keep those documents on file for as long as the driver is employed by you  and your terminated drivers  must be kept for the next 3 years, and  for your rejected drivers files  must be kept for 1 year. With Safety Compliance Plus your files will be electronically saved in our secured system that is required by the DOT regulations.  You can access your files twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, your filing cabinets will no longer be over flowing!

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