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 2022 Safety Compliance Plus Completed Audits in 19 Different States

Are you Prepared?

In 2009, there were 14,466 Department of Transportation (DOT) audits, known as Safety Compliance Reviews, conducted by federal and state inspectors at commercial vehicle facilities. Most DOT audits occur with no advance notice. Inspectors are authorized to review any aspect of DOT regulations during their visit as well as conduct employee interviews. Violations may be acute, requiring immediate corrective action, or critical, indicative of a management or operational breakdown. The best way to prepare for a DOT audit is to follow regulations, maintain proper documentation and understand what the audit process requires.

Mock Audit

The FMCSA has been moving towards a more performance-based enforcement of the regulations under the new CSA program and can expose your company to different interventions from FMCSA. Your company can be selected for a compliance review or other interventions based on many different criteria under the new CSA program, but a proactive compliance program can eliminate the uncertanity during a FMCSA (DOT) audit.

Getting your Company into Compliance

Safety Compliance Plus offers a wide variety of affordable DOT compliance services, US DOT & MC Authority, UCR, Permits, IFTA & Road Tax Quarterly Reporting, DOT Substance Abuse & Alcohol Testing Programs, Random Program & Consortium, Hours of Service Log Book Training & Auditing, Driver Qualification Files, Preventative Maintenance Program, Onsite Vehicle Inspections, Safety Policies, Safety Audit Help to assist you with your efforts in complying with the complex and changing Federal and State Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

The U.S. Department of Transportation regularly audits commercial vehicle operators to ensure they comply with regulations. Attention to detail and thorough record keeping, are the keys to making sure that your business passes each and every safety audit by the DOT. The Department of Transportation conducts safety audits or safety compliance reviews of any company that transports people or materials, but particularly hazardous materials, to ensure compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations. The audits examine the drivers, equipment and cargo that is being transported. The company must show that it is in compliance with operational procedures and record keeping.

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