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2020 Safety Compliance Plus Recommends


We are a hard-working consulting firm that started in 2011 based in Arizona, we hit the ground running with our direct approach to finding success. Large scale solutions, communication development and compliant with Department of Transportation, we offer our clients the full package. Safety Compliance Plus works with insurance companies and safety-minded transportation companies with the objective of gaining complete control of their insurance programs. Safety Compliance Plus believes that the costs of insurance for transportation companies can be manageable, by partnering safety-minded transportation companies together with insurance companies. Each company can stabilize their insurance rates over the long-term, increase their control over claim management and loss control, and reduce the administrative costs that will impact on their liability rates. Safety Management System (SMS) will reflect on the liability rates for all transportation companies. Safety Compliance Plus works with transportation companies to manage SMS scores to lower the risks of Liability.

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Licensing & Registration

Law Firms

Safety Compliance Plus works closely with transportation law firms that specializes in such areas as regulatory compliance, cargo claims, freight charge collection, hazardous materials matters, commercial litigation, and various types of transportation related agreements and contractual disputes. Safety Compliance Plus works closely with law firms to keep transportation companies in compliant with the Department of Transportation. Safety Compliance Plus recognizes that with laws changing every day, that transportation companies have a need for a law firm.

Transportation Brokerage

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